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Tax time – who came through and who blew?

Come tax time, I want all the right information in front of me quickly so that I can get it all stuffed in TurboTax and be done.  So how easy was it to handle taxes from various different income and expense streams? 


Dear old Commission Junction sent me a 1099-MISC so that was easy.  CJ advertisers were the most profitable income stream for me in 2007… so I was glad this was seamless (I’d filled a W-9 for them with my SSN earlier in 2007).


Google Adsense also sends 1099’s so that’s easy too.  Good so far.


Now to expenses… doing business on the web isn’t free as you know… and I have many miscellaneous expenses through the year.  Basically it’s up to you to keep tabs on it all but I figured that at least for my hosting providers I’d be able to pull a report.  Sadly not so.

Thanks DreamHost

DreamHost pulled through – I was able to pull a summary invoice for 2007 which itemised the monthly payments and the total paid during the year.  Thanks DreamHost.

1&1 🙁

1&1.  Sorry guys, you completely flunked this test.  No way to pull invoices for just one year, no way to print out a summary with a total.  Sorry 1&1 but this sucked.


Adwords was a slam dunk.  Just like DreamHost I was able to pull a whole year of invoices with a total paid through the year.  The printout also showed the remaining total owed as well but this isn’t relevant for the tax forms – we only need be concerned about payments.

Now time to add up all those little suckers….!


How to get daily Adsense reports

I have Adsense email me daily reports broken down by web site.

To do this I:

  1. Set up URL channels for each of my web sites
  2. Set up the report:
    • Go to Advanced Reports
    • Select Yesterday (don’t select Today – see below)
    • Click “Channel data” and select all channels.  Then group by channel.
    • Click display report.
  3. Save the report and set it up to email you
    • Under “save as custom report” type “channel data for the day” or something similar and save.
    • Then click over to the Report Manager and set the frequency to daily and select the appropriate email address for the report to be delivered to.

Reports are sent just after midnight – so selecting the report for “today” only captures up to an hour of clicks at the time of generation.  But selecting “yesterday” captures the whole previous day.