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What are the best Affiliate Marketing books?

I love learning by reading.  However few books in the online and affiliate marketing space have been of the ‘can’t put down’ category.  These are the exceptions:

80/20 Sales & Marketing by Perry Marshall.

This book knocks 80/20 out of the park.  Perry is a #1 Adwords guru and one day his brain exploded.  This book is the result.  Read it!


Launch! by Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker is the guy to read/understand/follow for launching products.  Launch! condenses his knowledge in a valuable readable and exciting way.


Think I missed one?  Comment below.


Affiliate network remembers the dead

Shareasale was closed today in memory of the innocent lives lost on 9-11 and in honor of the heroes that day.  Affiliates and merchants could still log in and tracking continued.  Shareasale offices close each year in rememberance.

shareasale 9-11-2007

A moment of silence.

Many of us were stunned and shocked that day.  America changed and the world outside came into much closer focus.  Take a moment.



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