Will Google murder your niche next?

The trend has become obvious.

  1. Web site owners create niche
  2. Web site owners start making a profit from niche
  3. Google introduces fledgling product in niche
  4. Google destroys the competition by manipulating it’s algorithm or page layout

How much of your traffic comes from Google?  Pop quiz – 99%, 98% or 99.9%?  Yeah, thought so.

Are you next… to be sidelined with:

  • Price comparison (Google Shopping)
  • Video site (YouTube)
  • Business reviews (Google place pages)
  • …your site here…!

Just imagine… as I do – what if your site is the next to succumb to Google’s next endeavor – to be shoved below the fold because they’ve promoted their own product at the top of every single relevant search.  I know for one my best performing sites could be destroyed by Google because they are FED by Google.

For more info and a very interesting read go to James Hussey’s blog here:



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