Quantcast – how to delete publicly available data

Their FAQ states:

How do I hide or remove my site from Quantcast’s listings?

We do not remove sites from our listing. We recommend getting Quantified in order to get more accurate traffic statistics as well as gain control over which data points you make visible to the public, and which you use for internal purposes only.

Well, yes, true but misleading.

To hide your site’s data from Quantcast:

  1. Sign up with Quantcast
  2. Quantify your site (add the JavaScript tag then wait for ~1-2 days)
  3. Log in to Quantcast again, select the site then deselect every setting under “Public Access” and click “Save All Settings”.

Your site data will now be hidden from Quantcast’s listings.  Your site name will still appear but your embarrassingly large traffic stats will not!

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